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Junk Bunker Truck size
Jan 25

3 Reasons Why A Junk Removal Company Truck Size Matters

The truck size of a junk removal company may seem like a trivial detail, but it can make a significant impact on your experience and the overall effic...

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Junk removal professionals smiling in the truck
Dec 2

How To Save Money On Junk Removal And Clean Outs

You can save money on junk removal and home clean outs; you don’t have to break the bank. Our team always does our best to inform customers on w...

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Old Fence Removal Guide by a Same Day Junk Removal Company
Oct 27

Fence Removal Guide From A Same Day Junk Removal Company

Old fence removal is a necessity for anyone concerned with their home’s look and family’s safety. It’s essential to understand the b...

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Junk removal, home clean outs, furniture removal, in Will County
Sep 13

How Much Does Junk Removal Cost? Your Guide To The Best Junk Removal Pricing

Junk removal cost and pricing can vary from company to company. When it’s time to declutter your home or office, enlisting the services of a jun...

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Old Deck Removal - Junk Bunker (junk removal company)
Aug 24

5 Reasons Why You Should Remove Your Old Deck

You should always remove an old deck before letting it go too long. Yes, decks are a fantastic addition to any home, providing an outdoor space for re...

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electronic junk removal
Jul 25

5 Reasons Why You Should Practice Proper Electronic Junk Removal

Proper electronic junk removal is essential for several reasons, as improper disposal can have significant negative impacts on the environment and hum...

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Junk Bunker going on a junk removal job
Jun 30

Estate Cleanout: 5 Ways To Make A Tough Process Easier

Any time a client is in need of an estate cleanout, it’s bound to be a tough time for them and everyone involved. Usually it means someone has p...

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Junk removal professionals loading junk into their truck
May 17

3 Questions Your Junk Removal Company Should Ask Before Starting

Any junk removal company that will be in your home should be held to a certain level of professionalism. As the homeowner, you want to make sure you a...

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Junk Bunker Truck - Before the furniture removal job
Apr 3

3 Ways To Prepare Your Home For A Junk Removal Company

When you call a junk removal company, the last thing you should be worrying about is whether your house is ready to have furniture removed, junk remov...

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